Create Paypal
You need a Paypal account to get paid through Mancation!

When customers redeem their vouchers, you get paid. Paypal is the easiest way for us to transfer you the funds, and you can easily set up the money to go straight to your bank account. Quick create a Paypal account if you don't have one already and then we'll carry on with next steps.

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Complete Vendor
Log In to Your Vendor Dashboard & Add Some Basic Info

Enter your newly-created PayPal Email so your payment info is up-to-date, then add your logo, a brief blurb about your business, and ensure we have the right contact e-mail on-record.

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Add Your
Add your adventures one-by-one to our site so our members can purchase their vouchers and join you!

Add descriptions, details, and costs of your services. Then, submit them for review and they'll go up on the live site for our members to browse and purchase as soon as we approve the listing.

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